Thursday, February 27, 2014

Intentional Sacrifice

So six weeks ago, I started this journey with P31 Online Bible Studies thru Lysa TerKeurst's Book "Made to Crave".

Now I know what you might be thinking, "Yeah, one more diet book......"

I have to admit that at first I kinda thought the same thing...however, what I have discovered in this book is a clearer picture of the "why I need to" and luckily I have found my "want to" to become healthier. Huge deal, huge difference in the way that this past 6 weeks have gone.  As of last week I was at the edge of a 10 lbs marker. I was about, if I lose 1 lbs this week, to move into the 2-teens. Now while I would be happier if I was hanging on the cliff of the 200 lbs marker, I will take this, because I have been able to maintain this weight loss and I have no intention in letting my weight slip back into the 230's.

What will lasting, sustainable, discipline mean for me? Well, I think that it will look a lot like what these past 6 weeks have looked like.  Many more days of victory then days of slipping off the wagon.  Moving more and increasing energy....

I am not sure that I know how to articulate the true change that has taken place in my life that helps me know, that even though I will have days that I don't want to eat right, or heart has changed and I know that with God's help I can have the finally victory. It may take years to get to that number that I really want, and perhaps I won't get there, but if my heart and my appetite has been changed, that is what really matters.  I have the ability to make the right choices.....I am just praying that Spring comes soon so that I can start jogging....something that I am being convicted to do. It is not possible right now with the negative wind chills and single digit temps, ice and snow!!  

Do I believe I can make the intentional sacrifice of the high fat foods that I love so much, do I think that I can make the sacrifice of time for exercise that my body needs so badly? Yes...yes I do.  Not by my strength but by the one that gives me strength.  Praise be to the Lord!


  1. Your changes have been the most important ones of all--the changes of the heart, the changes in your motivation, and the changes in where you find the strength to walk this walk. Thank you for sharing in such an open way, just where you are and just where the Lord is leading you.
    Sandi Brewer, OBS Small Group Leader

  2. Change is good, but change is hard!! Sounds like you're progressing at just the rate you need to be!! In His strength and day by day!! Thanks for sharing and blessings to you as you journey forward.

    Trish (P31 OBS Blog Hop Team)

  3. I love what you had to say about the change in your heart. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This is something I need to focus on. I too have experienced a change during this study. I am really able to focus on God and on spending time with Him. I enjoyed what you had to say. I am reminded of what Lysa said about us being more that a number.

    Patti P (OBS Group 40 member)