Monday, August 5, 2013

Yes to God!

Today I am beginning a new chapter of my life.

The children will be heading back to school and I am starting to think about what I want to do with my life this school year.
Cleaning and Organizing the house is one thing that I have to do over the next few months.  However, today the question that I am facing is....What is it that God wants me to do with the next 9 months of my life?

I am a planner, organizer (although if you came into the house this summer you might not believe it) and I love goals.  In the more than 15 years that I was in the work force full time, I learned that I am most productive towards the end of a dateline.  I also learned that I need accountability in order to maintain my productivity.

These days I am a stay at home mom (I am sorry if that is not politically correct but you will find that I am not very politically correct). As such I am still struggling after 3 years at home with three things:

  • My weight
  • Organizing my house and keeping it clean
  • Finally figuring out what God wants me to use this time of my life for
When my husband became the Pastor at the small American Baptist Church that we serve now, we came here with a 18 mo and 3 year old. After 2 years in the work force, I realized that God was calling me to be home for my family. Since then our younger son was diagnosed with Autism Spectum Disorder. Know I understand why I was called to be at home but as we continue to struggle financially, I struggle with my decision to stay at home.
So, I am starting a new chapter beginning today....
  by starting the Proverbs 31 ministries online bible study on Lisa TerKeurst's Book:  "What Happens when Women Say Yes to God!"
 I will use this blog as I explore this study to share my thoughts and insights from the unique perspective of being a pastor's wife...and searching for where God is trying to tell me about my ministry field.  

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