Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lower Your Nets

So today I am thinking about the story from the New Testament story in John 5:1-11 where Jesus provides a miraculous catch of fish.  Jesus told Peter to lower his nets in the sea even though they had  already been out the night before and returned empty handed.
I had not been thinking much about the possible importance of this story in my life until this week.  The story appeared to me three times in recent days. It was the subject of my husbands sermon a few days  ago, it was in a devotional this week and it was featured in this weeks chapter for the "What Happens when Women say Yes to God!" Study I am in.
So I thought as I realized it was a three peat, what is it that God is trying to tell me?
One of the things that I have been struggling with for a while is disappointment in my ministry.  Sometimes it seems as if I have been out all night on the fishing boat and I am coming up empty handed. Granted, sometimes that means that I was doing things all wrong...but in this instance I don't believe so. I think that God is reminding me that no matter what happens I need to continue to lower my net because I will never know when the catch will be one that exceeds my expectation. Continue my work in my church even when return from a long time of fishing without catching anything. I need to continue to lower my net. What about you, where do you think God is calling you to continue to lower your net even thou you don't seem to be catching anything at the moment?


  1. Shelley,
    I enjoyed reading your post!!
    I often feel disappointed, like I'm spinning my wheels with things.
    Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. This story from the BIble hits so close to home. The constant pursuit of God requires our nets to be lowered even on the "dry" days. I pray we both are able to stay true to our pursuit of God and all He calls us to be.