Thursday, October 10, 2013

Been there, Done That and Loved IT!

I absolutely love OBS (Online Bible Study's). As a girl who is kinda out in the country and without a lot of close personal Christian friends, it is a wonderful way to spend time with people who are searching and studying the Word of God and trying to grow.  
I did the last OBS through Proverbs 31 ministries and it was wonderful. Awesome teachers, great book, great speakers and a group of ladies who commented and encouraged each other all of the way through. 
I learned so much through the "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God" book/bible study this summer.
One important lesson was that I was doing a terrible job of getting into the Word daily. With the OBS I was forced to be in a reflective state of mind at least once a daily when I opened up the email that I got. It is sad to say but it is true. 
That study also taught me a lot about being obedient even in the small things to be able to watch God at work in my life and in the life of those around me. 
I am hopeful that this OBS of Renee Swope's A Confident Heart  will help me have one, because I am not feeling very confident right now. The boys (my 7 and 8 years old guys) are both having behavior issues at school. Ugh!!
Anyway, I know that God can use the upcoming study to help even me!


  1. Shelly, thank you for your blog and your loving heart. I live in town and go to a large church and have one Christian girlfriend. I love studying God's Word but since the study stopped I've really had to push to remember. I did take the challenge to pray for one month which is almost over.

    I have been a co-leader in 2 ministries and my dear friend is trying to live with some new health issues, so I'm leading by myself this time. I too am hoping or I should say I'm going to pray God opens my eyes to see myself as He sees me. With my own health issues it is tough to get to these events and with a nonbelieving husband who loves me enough to some times drive me helps.

    May God give us both confident hearts in Him so we can do all that He calls us into doing.

  2. I was excited to see your blog. I, too, am a pastor's wife in a smallish town and love connecting with other pastor's wives. This is my first online Bible study and I am pretty excited about it. I am a mom of 4 school aged kids and run an in-home daycare for teacher's kids. May God bless our time together in the Word!

  3. Tracy I live in a country town but finally in a larger church about 15 miles away. I enjoyed your blog. My husband was an associate pastor for many years, but isn't right now - his was all volunteer. I have found so many on-line friends in OBS and never grown through any studies at church or at conferences like I have here. Like you I have found how easy it really is to study each morning first thing. Thank you so much for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)